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Magical Makeup Remover - Set

Happy Island

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Happy Island Magical Makeup Remover - Set - Loop.
Happy Island Magical Makeup Remover - Set - Loop.

This is every make-up lover’s best friend. Eco-friendly and effective, this Make-up Remover works like Magic! It works as good, if not better, than most chemical-based makeup-removers, as it can wipe away even the toughest make-up. It’s super soft on skin and is re-washable for multiple times. All you need to do is 1.) wet the make-up remover with water 2.) wipe make-up away in circular motions and voila! your make-up is gone!



  • Includes: Pouch, Violet 7.8" x 7.8" make-up remover, Black 4" round eye make-up remover
  • Machine washable
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