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[62% OFF] Plantable Abaca Face Mask

Figtree Farms

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Figtree Farms [62% OFF] Plantable Abaca Face Mask - Loop.
Figtree Farms [62% OFF] Plantable Abaca Face Mask - Loop.

Figtree Farms' plantable and biodegradable face masks are non-plastic mask alternatives that are embedded with vegetable seeds such as pechay, tomato, and sili. Instead of throwing out your used masks in the garbage, you can tear it into pieces, soak it in water, and let the seeds germinate. In a few days you'll have a vegetable plant from your mask!

Locally sourced and made!

Made from 100% Pure Abaca Paper

100% pure Abaca paper is known to have 7x better filtration than cloth masks. Research at DOST-X have also found that abaca masks absorbed 3-5 percent of water applied, the N95 masks absorbed 46 percent, and the surgical mask absorbed 0.17 percent. Essentially, the abaca masks repel water far better than an N95, and are nearly as good as a surgical mask. Abaca paper also decomposes faster and is friendlier to the environment.

How to Plant

Remove the metallic twist tie on the nose bridge part of the mask, as well as the elastic band on both sides of the mask. Tear the mask into pieces and soak into water. Place the pieces on the soil with a thin layer of soil covered on top. 

Mask Use and Care

  • Can be used for 3 weeks on average
  • Before reusing, lightly wash with soap (do not soak or use), hang to dry and place in a clean container. 
  • If mask is visibly dirty, soiled or torn, then it's time to stop its usage and plant the mask


  • Material: 100% Pure Abaca Paper, elastic ear loops, metallic nose brdge
  • Locally sourced 
  • Locally handcrafted by wives of sugarcane farmers in Batangas as a part of a livelihood program. 
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