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Clay Face Mask

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Clay Face Mask
Clay Face Mask
Clay Face Mask

Evergreen (Acne treatment) -  A detoxifying chlorophyll + clay mask treatment with benefits of French Green Clay and various leaf and algae powders and extracts for cleansing and clarifying acne prone skin. Packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, and antioxidants from Moringa, Chlorella, Spirulina, and Neem to heal, hydrate, treat acne and clarify skin. It also contains antibacterial properties from Calamansi, Rosemary and Lavender. Can be used as a spot treatment or full face mask.

Blossom (Radiance) - Featuring Rose Clay, Rice, Hibiscus Flower, and Pomegranate, Blossom Clay Mask is the perfect cleansing mask to restore your skin's radiant condition. The absorption properties of Rose Clay, combined with the vitamins and minerals found in Pomegranate, Hibiscus Flower, and Rice, help to eliminate impurities from the skin and improve its complexion. This versatile mask leaves your skin toned, smooth, and radiant. Ideal for those with a blotchy complexion.

Sunshine (Multi-purpose) - An ultra-enriched multi-purpose face mask packed with bioactive compounds from Ginseng, Turmeric, Sandalwood. and Safflower that help to maintain the skin’s elasticity, deeply nourish and replenish the skin, and prevents aging. Combined with pure Vitamin C and Orange, this mask helps prevent and eliminate acne, even skin tone, and lighten scars and post-acne hyperpigmentation for a brighter and healthier skin.
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