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[50% OFF] Abaca Fiber Reusable Face Mask


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Loop. [50% OFF] Abaca Fiber Reusable Face Mask - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Abaca Fiber Reusable Face Mask - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Abaca Fiber Reusable Face Mask - Loop.

This mask is made from sustainable materials of strong fiber and grass that are manufactured and converted into special filters suitable for protection made by a certified Fair Trade Company of 120 artisans based in Mindanao, Philippines. 

Protection rating conducted done by Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Rated high for both 1st and 2nd layers because its density, porosity, filtration and water repellency is way superior than that of an ordinary cloth mask. 

Decomposition is faster and friendlier to the environment when this product has reached its serviceable life. No plastic or harmful chemicals were used in its development and production. 

Face Mask-Care

  1. This mask is not for surgical use but for personal protection of individuals
  2. The mask should be soaked with water and detergent of disinfectants for 2-3 mins. Rinse with running water then hang dry. Apply fabric conditioner if necessary. 
  3. Do not hand wash, rub, brush or squeeze - just soak. 

Note: Thread color may be different than photographed due to available supply


  • Material: Abaca Fiber
  • Measurements: Maximum measurement is when the mask if flat; actual measurement is when it is worn.
  • Measurements (Small): 19.5cm max. width (17cm actual); 14cm max height (13cm actual)
  • Measurements (Large): 20cm max. width (17.5cm actual); 15cm max height (14cm actual)


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