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Cork Yoga Mat


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Loop. [50% OFF] Cork Yoga Mat - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Cork Yoga Mat - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Cork Yoga Mat - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Cork Yoga Mat - Loop.

 The better yoga mat is here! If you're looking for a durable and chemical-free high-performance workout mat, this one made of cork and natural rubber might be the one for you.

The cork surface has the natural grip and the good cushioning needed to comfortably hold poses, while the rubber bottom ensures no-slip when you're executing dynamic moves. Cork also has antibacterial properties so there's no worry of bad odors, and cleaning is simple and quick.

Care Instructions:

Luckily, cork is naturally antimicrobial so it will NOT smell. Simply dampen a soft cloth with cold water and wipe down the mat. You can add a mild soap or detergent, and essential oil for an even deeper clean. Let it air dry before rolling up. DO NOT SUNDRY.

To avoid wrinkling of cork, DO NOT FOLD yoga mat. Instead, ROLL it with the cork surface facing out.


  • Materials: Cork and Natural Rubber
  • Measurements: 183 cm x 66 cm
  • Thickness: 4 mm thickness
  • Net Weight: 2.6 kg

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