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[Holiday Bundle] Daily Ritual Set


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[Holiday Bundle] Daily Ritual Set
[Holiday Bundle] Daily Ritual Set
[Holiday Bundle] Daily Ritual Set


  • Rinse + Repeat Reusable Facial Rounds set of 10 (without tin can)
  • Soak Opera Acai Berry + Beetroot Lip Scrub
  • Saan Saan Soy candle
  • Baum Femme solid parfum
  • Choice of Soy Candle + Femme Solid Parfum, in the following scent combinations:
    • No. 07 Campfire + Dominique
      • candle: with notes of pine, sandalwood, peppermint and cinnamon
      • solid parfum: floral woody, top notes: cedar + bluebells, heart notes: jasmine + bamboo, base notes: cedarwood + amber + musk
    • No. 03 Patchouli at the Temple + Sibel
      • candle: with notes of patchouli, bergamot, lavender and sandalwood
      • solid parfum: floral musky/powdery, top notes: almond + honey, heart notes: chantilly cream, base notes: orchid + musk
    • No. 10 Kung Tag-araw + Lillian
      • candle: with notes of lemon, bergamot, sampaguita, olive and lime
      • solid parfum: citrus green, top notes: mint + lemon + bergamot, heart notes: white amber + fennel, base notes: cloves + oakmoss + green tea
  • Gift box made of unbleached recycled paper
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