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Grande Foldable Cup


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Grande Foldable Cup
Grande Foldable Cup
Grande Foldable Cup

We know, sometimes living a sustainable lifestyle means bringing a bit more items than usual. Thankfully, products like this lightweight and foldable cup make our bags less bulky!



  • Made from safe, recyclable materials. Free from BPAs, phthalates, leads, and glues.
  • Food-grade silicone cup and stopper. Polypropylene lid and heat sleeve that protects your hands from hot or cold contents, gives structure to the cup, and stores neatly into the bottom of the cup when not in use.
  • Perfect for both cold and hot beverages up to 60°C.*
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Capacity: 473 ml
  • *Silicone is safe for hot liquids up to 230°C, but for drinking purposes, we do not recommend using it for liquid temperatures higher than 60°C to avoid burning your precious hands.
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