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Sinaya Cup Heat Pack - Loop.
Sinaya Cup Heat Pack - Loop.

The Sinaya Heat Pack is a reusable salt-based multipurpose warmer. No need for electricity, batteries or microwave.

The Heat Pack is great for menstrual cramps, other muscle cramps or for a general heat source in cold environments such as cold office spaces or for chilly travel destinations.

To Activate:

Flex the metal disc back and forth between both thumbs until crystals start to form.
Pressing on the gel inside will intensify the heat. (If the temperature is too extreme, wrap a thin towel around the heat pack before using.)
Use for muscle pain, especially with menstrual cramps.

To Recharge/Reactivate:

Place the hardened heat pack into boiling water.
Be sure to elevate the product from the bottom surface of the pan so it does not stick. Use a heat-resistant object such as a blunt utensil, piece of cloth or steamer rack. Boil until ALL CRYSTALS are completely liquefied, dissolved and melted. (Approx. 5-12 minutes)


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