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SmarterMeter Electricity Tracking Device


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SmarterMeter SmarterMeter Electricity Tracking Device - Loop.
SmarterMeter SmarterMeter Electricity Tracking Device - Loop.

We know that the more energy we use in our homes, the more carbon we emit. However, it's difficult to manage and adjust our usage when we don't have real-time data. Thankfully, local brand SmarterMeter has created a product that tracks and analyzes your electricity consumption.

Using SmartMeter's website, you can check on your electricity bill anytime, anywhere, along with lots of other useful electricity management features on www.smartermeter.com.ph

Should the SmartMeter NOT be compatible with your circuit breaker, you will be issued a FULL REFUND.

Main Features:

Live Billing - Track your electricity bill and energy consumption in real-time on their website smartermeter.com.ph

History Log - Compare day-to-day consumption results and see how you can improve

User-friendly - Check on your consumption patterns through easy-to-understand figures.

Consumption Alerts - Get notified when you're about to exceed your electricity budget.

How to Install and Use

  • Install the device with the help of the manual here.
  • You may also call SmarterMeter for free over-the-phone assistance
    • Tel. 8531-5680 (Mondays-Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm)
  • Register an account to access full dashboard and real-time updates at www.smartermeter.com.ph


3 Main Parts:

  • SmarterMeter Box The brain of SmarterMeter. This processes the data collected by the sensor, and then sends it to the cloud.
  • Clamp Sensor This sensor is clamped onto the main wire of your home panel and reads your electricity consumption.
  • Power Supply - Powers the SmarterMeter. Make sure to keep this plugged into your socket!
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