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Bloody Good Knowledge on Menstrual Cups

So you've been busy doing what you can for the planet. You're all about the package-free bath bars, you avoid plastic straws like the plague, and you follow a "healthy" amount of Instagram secondhand shops hoping to finally get dibs on the perfect hip grandma top. You've been at it.

On this journey of yours, you might have come across menstrual cups and thought "WHAT?". Well, our dear advocates, allow us to shed some light on a product that can be intimidating to most of us, but a, potentially, life-changing item that can make periods eco-friendly, fuss-free, and empowering!

We understand it might be a challenge so should  you have any questions after reading this article, and we'll help you through your journey!

We've recently launched our own menstrual cup with a quirky design for only Php 750,  which you can purchase with a sterilizer cup for only an extra Php 250.

Our two sizes have a capacity of 25ml and 30ml, and can come in purple, black or white.

We also have Sinaya Cup and its accessories available here!

What are they?

Menstrual cups act as a basin collecting your menstrual discharge at the bottom of your cervix. To insert, fold the cup, push it fully inside your vagina, and ensure it fully unfolds inside. A light tug on the stem will create a suction that will keep it in place against your vaginal walls. Depending on the heaviness of your  flow, you can keep your menstrual cup inside for up to 12 hours.

Unlike the stuffy feeling of a disposable napkin, you won't even feel the cup is there, so you can go about your day and focus on doing the things that want to do! 

It can take a few cycles before you get the hang of using a cup. These first few times can definitely get messy but don't worry! These are normal hiccups before you become an expert. 

For most, the insertion can be the challenge, especially for first-time users. Most use the c-fold or the punch-down method but it's more preference than requirement. 

You DO NOT need any lubricant but it can help initially. 

Leaks often happen when the vacuum isn't made, the cup isn't in the right position, or your not using the right cup size or shape. As an extra precaution, use an extra liner (or a reusable one) while you're still figuring it out. 

Picking your first cup

There are three primary things to consider when picking your cup. 

1. Cup Length. This should be your first consideration. It is important the length of the "bell" portion of your cup does not exceed your cervix height so that your cup does not bump into the tip of your cervix and cause discomfort or pain. Check the video below on how to measure your cervix height.

2. Volumetric Capacity. Those who are 30 or older, or have given birth may also use a bigger cup as the pelvic floor weakens as we age. Heavy flow users should also use a bigger cup to avoid changing often, but only if the length of the cup is compatible with their cervix height. Remember that larger cups are not exclusive to those who have given birth or those who are older.  Women can have as much as 90mL discharge in a day.

3. Shape. The classic bell-shaped ones work for most, but should the smaller and larger sizes and still cause pain or leeks, you might need to explore other shapes and there's a number out there! Also scroll down below to check-out one of our other cups, Sinaya Cup which has a small capacity Check Google to learn more about cup shapes.

Debunking Myths

1. It makes you lose your virginity. Virginity is an abstract concept and has no relation to menstrual cup use! It's your body and you should feel comfortable with it even on your period.

2. I've heard it can be unsanitary. What if I get an infection?  No method is perfect, but between cups and the bacteria that live in your disposable napkin, you'd be better off keeping that blood in that cup. Always remember to wash the cup between emptying and inserting and sterilizing it after each cycle.

3. Omg what if it gets stuck? Your vagina is only has one entrance, so rest assured your cup won't be going anywhere. All you need is the confidence to stick your fingers and grab the cup out. You can do it!

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