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Looped In

  • Do we keep sucking?

    Going sustainable isn't as simple as we want it to be. Read our thoughts on how metal straws help in our fight against single use plastic.
  • We are in a Climate Crisis: COP26 and what you need to know.

    The 26th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, commonly known as COP 26, is seen as one of the most important cl...
  • How Plastic-free Can We Be?

              In 2016, the way people talked about the problem of plastic was very different - it was one-sided. Plastic was largely demonized and fram...
  • List of plastic drop-off locations

    Loop and other partners in the industry accept the return of clean and dry plastics and tetra paks (Used Beverage Cartons). See the diagram below f...
  • Bloody Good Knowledge on Menstrual Cups

    So you've been busy doing what you can for the planet. You're all about the package-free bath bars, you avoid plastic straws like the plague, and y...
  • Can't avoid sachets? Turn them into GreenAntz Ecobricks!

    Loop partners with Green Antz in managing collected single-use plastic waste.