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What is Loop. about?

A marketplace of curated essentials for a more thoughtful, conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Loop. envisions a world where sustainability is the essence of living a healthy, mindful, and purposeful life. Loop. aspires to ease the transition to a conscious life by providing access to local and global sustainable brands.

Are you a drop-off of recyclable items too?

Yes we are. We want to solve the problem of people not being able to ensure the recycling of their recyclables items. NOTE: We can only accept items that are clean and dry. Currently, we act as a drop-off location for select recyclables with the list below showing where it goes:

  1. E-waste - Globe’s Electronics Recovery Program
  2. PET Bottles (Bottled Water), Polypropylene Bottle (Domex, Shampoo Containers), Glass, Cardboard, Paper - Partner Junk Shop within Brgy. Obrero
  3. Newspapers, Paper Bags- Upcycled for logistics operations of the company
  4. Ecobricks - The Plastic Solution

Do you have volunteer work?

Not at the moment. We are working hard to expand our non-profit, The Last Straw, to create systems that will allow for such opportunities. Subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll be sure to let you know.

What does it mean when you say you are the collective of the better goods?

The main idea here is that we show that your everyday items, actually have alternatives that can reduce the amount of single-use plastic. For example, instead of a ziploc, we offer Stasher, ReZip, Anthill, Russbe and LunchSkins. Without question, they are not the perfect solution as they do still require resources to produce, but it definitely solves the problem of mismanaged single-use plastic.

Why is it some of your products still has plastic?

  1. Part A: Single-use plastic in the store. In the store, only two of the products still contain single-use plastic, both of which you can leave with us to be managed accordingly. The reason behind this is primarily hygiene. These two products have direct application to the gums and open wounds and as such, the regulations in their countries of origin have yet to find compromises to prevent this.
  2. Part B: Use of other plastic items as the alternative. Contrary to popular belief, plastic, due to its massive scale has actually become the most environmentally viable option (even compared to paper!) if you don’t count what happens when you dispose of it. You can read more about it in our blog! Therefore, we choose to carry brands which use durable multi-use plastic that effectively reduces carbon footprint, while significantly extending its lifespan before the need for its disposal. Since it's also more valuable once the time for its disposal comes, it has a higher chance of recyclability.

What's the difference of silicone plastics and polypropelene plastics to the plastic packaging that are commonly used in commercial products?

As mentioned above, they fall under the multi-use plastic as opposed to normal packaging which is normally single-use or LDPE which is not recycled as it is too light and difficult to manage because of its thinness.

How do you check the quality of the products of your partners?

The first thing we consider is how the product is reducing the impact to our environment. This is primarily through single-use plastic reduction, but can also be in the form of its composition like some of our soaps or its ability to collect microplastics. This is followed by testing amongst members of the team to at least have a baseline feedback on the items. This is where we believe you play a part, as some of our products aren’t a one size fits all. As a small store, your feedback is highly important to allow us to provide the best products and recommendations to other customers.

Why are the prices higher than most commercialized brands?

The first reason is durability. Since these items are made out of more durable materials, their cost of production naturally increases. Second, about 30% of our brands are not (yet!) mass produced and as a result, comes with limited supply. As the industry gets more and more populated however, prices will go down as well. Lastly, some of our products are from abroad and as a result, come at higher costs when sold to us. Rest assured, we’re doing our best to get more affordable items, as our goal is not just to have it available, but to ensure its accessibility for all as well.

When do you usually add new products?

Whenever we spot something cool, or when other like-minded entrepreneurs reach out. Got something you think will be a perfect fit? Send us an e-mail at hi@loopstore.ph

What is your courier service provider?

For Metro Manila, we use Blitz Delivery PH. For Provincial areas, we use 2GO.

What are the modes of payment available?

We have BDO, BPI, Paypal, Paymaya, and Gcash.