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Loop. Menstrual Disc


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Loop. [50% OFF] Loop. Menstrual Disc - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Loop. Menstrual Disc - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Loop. Menstrual Disc - Loop.

The Loop. Menstrual Disc, made of 100% ultra soft medical-grade silicone, was made to provide you with a fuss-free period, while also reducing the amount of disposable sanitary products such as napkins and tampons that end up in landfill. 

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While menstrual discs are a relatively new period product in the market, as compared to menstrual cups, they can be just as effective or even be the one most suited for your body or your lifestyle. Some benefits of menstrual discs include the following:

  • Ultra-Soft Body - The body is so soft you can easily crumple it into your hand. Due to its malleable and soft body, there is little to no risk of cramping as the disc does not push against the vaginal canal. 
  • Increased Blood Capacity - While our menstrual cups have a capacity 25-30 ml of blood, our discs can catch 50-72 ml due to its wider, yet softer, body. 
  • Safe for Penetrative Intercourse - Since it is positioned beyond the vaginal canal and it has a soft body, it is possible to have safe penetrative intercourse even while the disc is still on.

    Why make the switch?

    • Empowering - a fuss-free period that won't hinder you from doing what you want and focusing on what matters to you
    • Eco-friendly - using a disc reduces the amount of disposable napkins and tampons that end up in landfill, and that will take 500 to 800 years to decompose
    • Economical - with proper care, a disc can last up to 10 years. Get your money back in a year or less. 

    Menstrual cups stay in place by using a suction to create a seal between the rim and the vaginal canal. Discs, on the other hand, catch blood and stay in place by resting at the base of the cervix (the widest part of the vaginal canal), and tucked behind the pubic bone. 

    Unique Disc Feature: Auto-Dumping

    Another feature most discs have is called “auto-dumping”, when blood is partially drained out of the disc while urinating or defecating. This is due to being in a seated position on the toilet and the flexing of the muscles that momentarily shift the disc. Once relaxed, the disc returns back to its original position. Most of the Disc community like this feature as it prolongs when maximum blood capacity is reached and when one has to pull-out and empty the disc. However, do note that auto-dumping should only occur during bathroom breaks, and that there should no leakage while going about your day (unless the disc is already full). Otherwise, this may mean you need to change to a disc with a smaller or larger diameter. 

    10% of net proceeds will be donated to women's empowerment initiatives. 

    Size Guide

      • Regular
        • Capacity: 72 ml
        • Diameter: 70 mm


      • Material: 100% medical-grade silicone
      • Hypoallergenic, Latex-free, Phthalate-free, BPA-free, Dioxine-free
      • Includes a kraft packaging box, a user manual printed inside the box, a cotton canvas drawstring pouch.