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Pet Potty Training Spray (150 ml)


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Fetch! [10% OFF] Pet Potty Training Spray (150 ml) - Loop.

Fetch's Pet Potty Training Spray is perfect for first time pet parents who need help in potty training their puppy but would like to use something that's safe for their furbaby too. The product contains urea (no, not urine) a compound found in urine to signal to puppies that "yes, this is a safe pee zone". What's great about it is that puppies can smell the urea but the product is fragrance free for humans. 

    How to Use

    1. Spray the product on desired potty area
    2. When it's time to potty or if your pet is showing some "potty-related" behaviors (ex. circling), bring your pet to the area for him/her to sniff
    3. When your pet successfully relieves oneself, give a treat for good behavior! Repeat step 1 and 2 until puppy learns.


    • Ingredients: deionized water, urea (organic compound found in urine), amino acids, biocide (cleaning agent)
    • fragrance-free (will not irritate pet's sensitive noses or humans with allergies)
    • Effective guide training
    • Non-toxic
    • Easy to use255
    • 100% pet-safe