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Timber Kitty Litter (14 liters/8 kg)


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KinKo Timber Kitty Litter (14 liters/8 kg) - Loop.
KinKo Timber Kitty Litter (14 liters/8 kg) - Loop.
KinKo Timber Kitty Litter (14 liters/8 kg) - Loop.

When it comes down to it, we don’t ask much of our litters. We simply need it to be absorbent, odor neutralizing, affordable, sustainable, and safe. However, in reality, it’s a pick 3 and compromise type of situation. At KinKo, they couldn’t just accept that, so they searched high and low for the holy grail of kitty litter.

Cat lovers rejoice, for what KinKo ended up creating is an all-natural, safe, no-compromise timber for even the most discerning cats. Made of assorted woods and upcycled rice hull, Timber Kitty is 100% natural, double kiln dried, and biodegradable. 

Why make the switch?

  • It's 3x more absorbent than traditional litter
  • Long-lasting, replenish less and save costs
  • Neutralizes odours without added fragrances
  • It's environmentally conscious - fully biodegradable and chemical-free
  • Easily disposed of by flushing or as fertlizer for non-edibles
  • It's dust free and doesn't track!

A game-changer for sensitive snoots and thrifty owners, this might just be the cat litter of your dreams!


  • Material: assorted human grade assorted woods and upcycled rice hull
  • Double kiln dried and 100% natural
  • Chemical-free, Fragrance-free, and dye-free
  • Weight: 8 kg


"What can I do to extend the life of my Timber Kitty?"
You can buy a sifter-type of litter box, which makes it easier to keep the fresh pellets up top separated from the used ones which will fall to the bottom. This means less changing, while maximizing the life of each pellet! Another way is to sun-dry your litter box by a window or outdoors every now and then, this helps used pellets dry faster (Don't leave it out for too long as well due to humidity!) 

"My cat doesn't want to use my Timber Kitty! How do I convince them to use it?"
Much like us, our feline friends are creatures of habit too! While there’s no magic formula for making the switch, a good rule of thumb is to add some of their old litter into your Timber Kitty, decreasing the portions of the old litter as time goes on. Some cats do best also with just a cold turkey full switch, which makes them go to the closest available potty. Don't forget to reward after a job well done! 

"When should I empty out my litter box?"
Knowing when to replace your Timber Kitty is simple. If the odour is no longer fresh, or if there is an abundance of wood shavings, you can scoop them out and add fresh Timber Kitty to replenish what was lost. 

"Approximately how long does a 4L and 14L last for?"
A 4L box is more of a sample size and should last for about 1-1.5 weeks, while a 14L should last for around 1-2 months. Please do note though, that this will depend on each cat household and litter box size, as each have different habits and requirements. 

"What advantages does Timber Kitty have vs. other types of litter?"
First and foremost, this is an absolutely safe alternative to other household litters. Second, it helps keep your home clean because it’s non-tracking. Third, it’s much more absorbent (and environmentally friendly!) than silica-based ingredients in sand and clay. Fourth, it's odour neutralizing with the natural woody scent! Lastly, it breaks down when it comes into contact with liquids, while #2’s can be easily scooped out without hassle, making it an economical choice. 

"How well does Timber Kitty clump?" 
Timber Kitty does not use any chemicals, preservatives, or any gluing agents. For non-digging cats, it doesn't clump and will sit atop of Timber Kitty, making it easy to spot and scoop out. For digging cats, the timber pellets will lightly coat solid waste. Simply scoop out solid waste along with pellets it touches to minimize wastage.

For liquid waste, Timber Kitty breaks down into grain sized bits, which falls to the bottom of the litter box, making it easier to segregate fresh pellets from the used. 

"Can we use Timber Kitty for plants?"

Definitely! It could even be good for them. The wood and rice hull is completely natural, biodegradable and compostable. However, please only use on non-edible plants. This has less to do with Timber Kitty, and more to do with our feline pal's wastes, which is not hygienic to mix with human produce. 

"Is Timber Kitty this flushable?" 
Yes! Although with one caveat - we recommend users to flush only in small amounts (i.e. only what is needed). This is because while our Timber pellets do break down, they may take time to do so. 

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