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Full Circle [10% OFF] Bio-Armor PhotoActive Protect - Loop.

Bio-Armor PhotoActive Protect has a self-cleaning capability and improves the air quality of your home with:

  • A natural mineral that is energized by light to release anions that aid in breaking down non-particulate pollutants and odor in the air, producing water and carbon dioxide as by-products
  • An antimicrobial surface barrier that forms a bed of spikes that rupture microbes like balloons on contact.

Photoactive Protect is also best suited for protecting and deodorizing regularly laundered objects like clothing, linen, bath and hand towels, dish towels, sponges, makeup brushes, socks, gym bags and many more! With its composition, microbes won't cling to clothing but will be ruptured upon contact and the remnants of bacteria and viruses can just be washed away during laundering. Hanging clothing in the sun boosts performance as well.


Directions of use:
Spray lightly on surface to be treated and spread treatment all over the object evenly with a clean microfiber cloth. Let it dry and cure for 8 hours without getting wet or getting soap on it.

Use per normal after the 8 hour curing time


  • Ingredients: Methyl Alcohol (made from natural gas) and organic silicone compound
  • Vegan
  • No dyes, fragrances, phosphates, parabens and unnecessary chemicals.
  • Pregnancy-safe
  • Volume: 250 ml



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