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Foaming Hand Soap Set - (Rose-Scented Tablets Only)


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Loop. [50% OFF] Foaming Hand Soap Set - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Foaming Hand Soap Set - Loop.
Loop. [50% OFF] Foaming Hand Soap Set - Loop.

Hand soap is an everyday essential and staple in our restrooms, but what we don't need is getting a new bottle every time we have to restock on liquid hand soaps. Our Foaming Hand Soap set comes with a reusable 300 ml glass bottle, a foaming pump, and six (6) dissolving soap tablets. Once you've used up all your tablets, you can simply purchase the dissolving tablets without the bottle, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary waste.

Each set comes with six Rose-scented only tablets. (Blue ocean tablets are no longer available)

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How to Use

Fill bottle with warm water up to 90% capacity to allow room for the tablet's volume displacement and for minimal foam. 

Drop 1 tablet in the bottle, wait for it to completely dissolve, then screw on pump head. Store other refill tablets in a cool and dry place

Wet hands and apply a pump or two of the foaming hand soap. Wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. 


Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Alkyl Polyglycoside, Polyethylene Glycol, Lavender Scents Oil, Esculent Dye (CI 16255, CI 42090)

Capacity: 300 ml