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Organic Cotton Tampons - Regular (16 pcs.)


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Nala [15% OFF] Organic Cotton Tampons - Regular (16 pcs.) - Loop.

This new generation of tampons delivers healthy leak protection and comfort for all your activities - from downward dog to drinks for two. 

Nala Tampons are made without harmful chemicals and designed with a superabsorbent core, surrounded by a special cotton safety layer, which prevents the fibers from remaining inside your body. The hypoallergenic and clinically-tested GOTS certified organic cotton used helps prevent the risk of irritations, itching, and allergies. 

Each individual tampon comes with a cardboard applicator that we designed with a soft, rounded tip for easy insertion and a smooth glide.  


Absorbency: 6-9 g (light to moderate flow)

100% organic GOTS certified cotton core

Biodegradable cardboard applicator & paper wrapper

Made without the use of pesticides, herbicides, perfumes, chemical fertilizers, and chlorine bleaching. Suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

Comes in a box of 16 applicators

How to Dispose

Pull tampon out using the string. Wrap in a sheet of toilet paper or the paper wrapper of the next tampon you will use. DO NOT FLUSH.