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Organic Cotton Day Pads (10 pcs.)


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Nala [15% OFF] Organic Cotton Day Pads (10 pcs.) - Loop.

This new generation of pads delivers healthy leak protection and comfort for all your activities - from downward dog to drinks for two. 

Breathable Technology

The top sheet made with organic cotton ensures maximum natural absorbency and provides the optimal humidity that is compatible with our physiological pH, feeling soft and pleasant on the skin.


Made with hypoallergenic GOTS certified organic cotton, which helps to prevent the risk of irritations, itching, and allergies

Anatomically Shaped

Designed to fit snuggly for better protection against leaks.

*Kindly note that the Philippines does not yet have facilities that can process PLA (which this product contains), but it is considered eco-friendly due to the lesser amount of fossil fuel used as well as its lower amount of carbon emissions in production. It is far from perfect as it is harder to recycle/post-process compared to traditional plastic alternatives.


Comes in a box of 10 Day Pads

Length: 24 cm

Material: 100% organic GOTS certified cotton, corn polylactic acid (PLA) individual wrapper & back sheet film, wood fluff pulp Japanese Sumitomo super absorbent polymer, food grade glue. 

No pesticides, no herbicides, no perfumes, no chemical fertilizers, and no chlorine bleaching were used in growing the organic cotton inside the box or in the manufacturing process.

How to Dispose

Fold used pad, and wrap in paper or in the wrapper of the next pad you will use. DO NOT FLUSH.