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[10% OFF] Pet Bath Cubes


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KinKo [10% OFF] Pet Bath Cubes - Loop.
KinKo [10% OFF] Pet Bath Cubes - Loop.
KinKo [10% OFF] Pet Bath Cubes - Loop.
KinKo [10% OFF] Pet Bath Cubes - Loop.

Short of reinventing the wheel, KinKo left no stone unturned as they philosophized the ideal shampoo. They scrutinized everything - from pH levels to finding the perfect lather ratio - every decision was deliberate and meticulously selected.  

Because our pets deserve the best, KinKo cut no corners in giving them just that. Handcrafted from start to finish, each bar is made up of premium natural ingredients that cut straight through the dirt and grime, while nourishing sensitive skin. Chemical-free, the scent is fresh and odor neutral. 


  • Vitamin (for cat and dogs) Fruits and vegetables aren’t only for eating. Using real and fresh organic produce combined with powerhouse ingredient turmeric powder, this gentle antibacterial soap cleans through and through, nourishing the skin with vitamins A, B, C, and E. For cats and dogs.
  • Soothe (for cat and dogs) Sensitive skin? No problem. Soothe provides a mild, nourishing wash that alleviates damaged skin. Calendula leaves infused with the oils provide a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties. The oatmeal bits gently exfoliate and balance pH levels, keeping coats supple and fresh. For cats and dogs.
  • Clay (for dogs only) Harnessing the power of Australian green clay, raw wild honey from Palawan, rosemary, and neem oil, this blend heals, clarifies and detoxifies deeply. It’s also a great anti-itch and anti-microbial deterrent for fleas and insects. Developed for dogs, but suitable for cats with skin conditions.
  • Rosé (for cats and dogs) With its light floral aroma and detoxifying Pink Clay marbling, Rosé is not only pH neutral, but also uses Calendula infused Coconut Oil - steeped for 6 weeks - as a key healing ingredient. This helps alleviate inflammation, and deeply cleanses while leaving the coat gently fragrant.

Care Instructions: Keep in a dry and well-drained position or simply hang dry. 


  • Ingredients:
    • Clay: Coconut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, wild honey, Australian green clay, rosemary, organic neem extract
    • Soothe: Coconut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, oatmeal, aloe vera, calendula flower
    • Vitamin: Coconut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, oatmeal, carrot extract, fresh organic carrots & saba, turmeric power
    • Rose: VCO infused with calendula flowers for 6 weeks, shea butter, rice bran oil, french rose clay, chamomile
  • Net Weight: 100 grams

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